Our History


Established on September 1, 1992, the Law Offices of Galanopoulos and Galgan was founded to provide licensed real estate professionals and individual buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate with the best possible and most responsive legal representation available at a reasonable fee.

That was our goal then, and it remains our goal today. Through 2022, we estimate that we have participated in over 40,000 real estate transactions, and we continue to be gratified by a large number of repeat clients and referrals. 

While many lawyers dabble in real estate, we consider it our high calling to develop expertise in an area of such extremely important impact on the country’s economy and Americans’ lives and goals.

We are honored and take great responsibility for assisting our fellow citizens to reach their American Dream.


Our Services


Our team provides a wide range of services regarding residential real estate, including (but not limited to)... 

  • Preparation of the sales contract
  • Review of a previously executed sales contract with recommendations regarding modification or revision as applicable
  • Direct representation of your interests with opposing counsel, the brokers involved, and lending institutions, where necessary
  • Examination of the legal title to the property and rendering of our legal opinion as to its status regarding encumbrances against the property
  • Examination of the plat of survey for defects
  • Preparation of the appropriate legal documents and/or review of the execution of all legal Documents required
  • Legal representation at the closing
  • Confirmation of the status of document recording and issuance of the title policy
  • Flat Fee arrangements
  • A personalized folder for safekeeping containing closing documents and other pertinent closing information

Our Team